4 channel | RGB controller | 7 modes LED display
Mode switch allows
dual-mode manual and
MB control
Mode switch
Function button
RGB connector
12V SATA power connector
RGB signal input
Manual mode
provides various lighting scheme
MB mode supports motherboard
lighting control applications

Application Connect and control four LED lights
Designed for PC systems with spare PCIe or low PCIe profile slot for RGB LED lights
RGB controller 2 in 1 manual / software
LED display Built-in 7 modes or RGB signal input
Each channel provides Up to 12V 1A, daisy-chained
Certification Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, ASUS AURA, ASRock Polychrome, Razer Chroma RGB
Product code AK-RLD-02

Installation manual


- 2017-05-01

Make sure the arrow on the Akasa RGB LED/Fan connector aligns to 12V/+ on the controller. For other third party RGB devices, please consult the manufacture for correct pin connection.