Turing A50 MKII
Compact fanless case

for ASUS® PN51 and PN50 with 5000 and 4000 Series
AMD Ryzen™ processors and
Radeon™ Vega 7 Graphics
• Solid aluminium fanless APU and VRM cooling design
• Stylish cover panels with diamond effect
• Positioned vertically or horizontally
• Perfect for home, business and commercial applications
• Suitable for up to Ryzen™ 7 5700U
Aluminium Core for Hi-Performance
Solid aluminium core coupled with hi-performance thermal
and pads conducts excess heat away from the key hot
zones of the APU and Voltage Power Management (VRM) regulators
to the aluminium body. Keeping your system silently cool and
running smoothly without thermal throttling.
Superb Cooling Performance
Excess heat from APU and VRM is effectively transferred from the
aluminium core to the all-aluminium body which acts as a heatsink
to dissipate the heat to the surrounding. Ensuring the system runs at
optimal thermal performance.
Contemporary and Made-to-Last Design
Aluminium case provides durability and long-lasting use. Coupled with
symmetrically extruded fins and striking classical inspired panels for
stunning aesthetics and functionality, which means the case look great
in any environment.
Full Access to Connectivity Ports
Access to the multiple Input/Output ports including DisplayPort,
SD card slot and microphone array.
Contemporary design
Ideal for home and business applications from digital signage to
home-theatre setups and more.
Supports up to Four 4K Displays
The Turing A50 MKII case provides connector openings for connectivity of
four 4K displays. Perfect for an array of business applications such as
security and digital signage.
Optional VESA Mounting Kit

Vertically VESA mount your Turing case

Product Code: (A-NUC95-BKT)


Material Aluminium
Motherboard Types UCFF 4" X 4"
Motherboard Support ASUS Mini PC PN51 and PN50 (5000 series up to Ryzen™ 7)
Maximum TDP Support 25W
Dimensions 113.5 x 95 x 273.9mm (W x D x H)
Drive Bays 2.5” SSD/HDD x 1 (up to 9.5mm)
Front I/O Opening Power button, power and HDD LED, IR receiver opening, USB Type-A port , USB Type-C port , HD Audio in/out, Dual microphone array, SD card slot
Rear I/O DC-in port, USB Type-A port x2, RJ45 LAN port, Type-C port, HDMI port, DisplayPort
Antenna Fitting Holes 2
Security Kensington lock
Product Code A-NUC62-M1BV2
Installation manual


- 2021-05-12

The included AK-TC5026 thermal paste was a specifically chosen for its formula to be used within Akasa fanless cases. Consideration for high thermal conductivity is not the only property when considering the best thermal compound for Akasa fanless cases. The AK-TC5026 properties of ultra-thin bond lines, low-thermal resistance for superior thermal performance, and non-pressure dependency makes the AK-TC5026 the qualified TIM for use with Akasa fanless cases.