12V ATX 8-Pin to PCIe 6+2 pin Adapter Cable
Easily deliver power to graphics card with 8-pin power supply female connector to 6+2-pin PCIe male connector.
Product Code: AK-CBPW23-20
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12V ATX 8-Pin to
PCIe 6+2 pin
adapter cable
Conveniently convert 12V ATX 8-pin to PCIe 6+2-pin connector
More power supply connecting flexibility
20cm cable length
Convert 12V ATX 8-pin to PCIe 6+2-pin Connector
Adapter cable lets you conveniently convert 8-pin enabled power supply to an 6+2-pin enabled graphic card. (Use of just 6-pin is also compatible)
More Power Supply Connecting Flexibility
Cost efficient way to connect power supply to graphic card without having to upgrade power supply.
20cm Cable Length
Cable length lets you comfortably connect components while maintaining a clean and tidy look.