Black/White Rubber Case Fan Mounts
Black/White rubber case fan mounts; eliminate vibration and resonance given off by fans by isolating them from the case. Easy and tool free installation of many fans. A must have for every Computer enthusiast. Available in 20 and 60 pack.
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Rubber Case Fan Mounts
Anti-vibration siliconised rubber
Quick and tool free installation
Anti-ageing material
Perfect for black and white PC builds
Anti-Vibration Siliconised Rubber
Astounding sound and vibration dampening material, by isolating the fans from the case less vibration can be resonated throughout the PC.
Quick and Tool Free Installation
Rubber mounts remove the need for tools and lenthy installation times. With just a little pull of the rubber mounts, it locks into place. Rubber excess can be trimmed for a cleaner look.
Could not be easier.
Anti-Ageing Material
Long lasting silicone rubber retains same anti-vibration efficiency throughout its life span.
Perfect For All black and White PC Builds
Pack Options:
AK-MX003 (20, Black Pack)
AK-MX003-BKT60 (60, Black Pack)
AK-MX003-WKT20 (20, White Pack)