The Akasa TIM Wipes are 10 individually packaged cleaning wipes designed to be an all-in-one solution for cleaning CPUs, GPUs, chipset surfaces or heatsink bases, in preparation for fresh application of new thermal interface material. Each wipe comes moistened with TIM Clean fluid, a safe citrus-based solvent which leaves no residue, to effectively emulsify and remove all residual thermal interfaces.

Effective removal of residual thermal interface is essential to maximise
   thermal conductivity between the heat source and the heatsink

Large size of 175 x 180 mm allows for cleaning of both the CPU and heatsink with one wipe
Includes 10 individually packaged wipes
Ideal for PC enthusiasts


Application CPU, GPU and heatsink cleaner
Size (mm) 180 x 175
TIM Wipe (Part Code) AK-TCW-01 (is the individual pack of TIM wipes)
Total Pieces 10 wipes
Solvent Type Safe-to-use citrus-based
Product Code AK-TCW-02