8 Channels | Dual-Mode Manual & MB Sync Control | Fits in a PCI Slot Bracket
Direct Manual Mode for Numerous Effects
Provides various pre-set lighting scheme to instantaneously
control and sync all Addressable RGB LED products and
accessories attached.
Expand your System with 8 aRGB Headers
Expand the number of Addressable RGB headers in your
PC Tower build and motherboard sync more Addressable
RGB LED devices. Each channel supports up to 1.0A.
Certified by RGB Applications
Supports and certified by the leading RGB software
Designed for 3-Pin 5V aRGB Header
Motherboard sync is designed for 3-pin 5V
Addressable RGB (Argb) headers
Easy Setup
Easy mounting to an available PCIe bracket slot on
the rear of your Mid-ATX or larger PC Tower.

Application Add 8 additional ARGB headers to your system for motherboard sync or control the lighting effects using pre-set modes
Designed for PC systems with spare PCIe slot for aRGB LED lights. Mounts inside Mid-ATX or larger Tower PC cases.
Dimensions 135.0 x 120.0 x 21.5 mm
aRGB Controller 2 in 1 manual / software
Front Panel Switch Mode switch or motherboard control
Each Channel Provides Up to 5V 1A, daisy-chained
Certification Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, ASUS AURA, ASRock Polychrome, Razer Chroma RGB
Pre-set Lighting Mode Constant (Single colour)
Wave (Seven-colour cycle)
Running (Single colour)
Running (Seven-colour cycle)
Two-Colour Running
Two-Colour Running Cycle
Red Wave Breathing
Green Wave Breathing
Blue Wave Breathing
White Wave Breathing
Seven-Colour Wave Breathing
Breathing (Single colour)
Breathing (Seven-colour cycle)
Six-Colour Wave Breathing
Seven-Colour Wave Breathing
Ripple (Single colour)
Product Code AK-RLD-04

Installation manual


- 2020-11-23