Screws & backplate mounting cooler for
Intel P4, Core2 Duo & Quad, Core i3, i5 & i7 up to 95W
Product Code: AK-CCE-7105EP
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The Ultra Quiet AK-CCE-7105EP uses a high engineering omni directional heatsink providing efficient CPU and motherboard zone cooling. The Enter bearing 9cm fan uses Intel approved power management (PWM) where speed is regulated automatically by CPU usage. Under normal conditions the CPU fan speed is low ensuring low noise computing.

Dual mounting using an extra-safe screws with backplate. Two motherboard backplates for LGA775 & LGA115X are included. AK-CCE-7105EP is designed to work with Intel CPU’s up to 95W but greater cooling efficiency can be attained with efficient case airflow. High performance thermal interface is pre-applied.

High engineered aluminium heatsink for cost effective performance
Bi-ped fins maximise heat dissipation
Ultra Quiet Enter bearing PWM fan
Extra-safe backplate and screws mounting
Intel LGA775 and LGA115X compatible
Performance thermal interface pre-applied