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X3 is an all new multi-platform CPU cooler which has been developed from the hugely popular AK-965 heatsink. Now compatible with three LGA mounting types to make it suitable for all current Intel processors.

The low noise X3 utilizes three long heatpipes precision embedded in a copper base for rapid and even heat absorption and transfer to 45 aluminium fine fins. The PWM fan provides quiet controlled performance and efficient heat dissipation. X3 is designed to incorporate automatic VRM cooling (VRM - CPU Voltage Regulator Modules located on the motherboard), this is an important function that helps to keep your PC stable.

New design akasa (patent pending) Easy Select Clip with Intel reference push-pin retention is used for no-hassle mounting on Intel LGA775, LGA1156 and LGA1366 platforms - no backplate is needed. Performance thermal compound is pre-applied. 

3 copper heatpipes ensure superb cooling performance
Smart design enables VRM cooling
Low noise fan with PWM control
Quick installation with akasa Easy Select Clip