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The Ultra Quiet AK-875BL is a high performance four heatpipe cooler. The 7mm solid copper base provides maximum heat absorption, the four hi-speed heatpipes guarantee rapid heat transfer and the heatsink technology utilizing 47 bonded-fin fins ensure efficient thermal dissipation.

The translucent fan frame and misty blue fan blades are illuminated by four hi-bright blue LED adding colour and style to the system.The 92mm fan blades provides quiet operation with high air pressure. 4-pin PWM technology enables motherboard RPM control via PWM or by DC regulation (Cool n’ Quiet).

Double cam-lever clip ensures easy installation and safe retention. Hi-grade thermal compound is pre-applied.

Four hi-speed heatpipes enables rapid heat transfer
4-pin fan enables lo-noise PWM or DC RPM control
Double cam-lever clip provides easy installation and safe retention
Bonded-fin technology with 47 aluminium fine fins on copper base
7mm copper base for maximum heat absorption
92mm lo-noise fan with four blue LED
Thermal compound pre-applied